SENASA Certification

Our products have the distinguished certification of the National Agrarian Health Service (SENASA) of Peru. This certification accredits our constant effort to maintain the highest standards of safety and quality in food production. We align ourselves with SENASA's criteria to promote good agricultural and livestock practices, guarantee plant and animal health, and mitigate any risk associated with food production.

SENASA, as a Peruvian regulatory entity, a reference institution in Peru since its creation in 1992, is in charge of carrying out inspections and certifications at all stages of the agricultural and livestock production chain. From producers and processors to distributors, exporters and importers, the certification covers all the participants involved in our commitment to the production of safe and high-quality food.

Our SENASA-certified products are a guarantee of health and safety for our customers. By opting for certified food, you support responsible agricultural and livestock production, without the use of practices that are harmful to the environment or animals. In addition, SENASA promotes the protection and care of natural resources, contributing to the health of the soil, water, and surrounding ecosystems.

We strongly believe in the importance of offering products that reflect our commitment to food safety, quality and sustainability.

When you choose PATT FRESH products, you are opting for food certified by SENASA, which guarantees that you have chosen products produced with respect for the environment and care for their health.