Our Certificates
BCS certificate
Kiwa BCS ├ľko-Garantie organic certification graces our products, offering rigorous validation of our high ecological standards and dedication to sustainability in fruit production. This seal of approval recognizes our adherence to criteria that promote biodiversity, species protection and climate change mitigation. As a leader and forerunner in the European organic movement since 1992, Kiwa BCS ├ľko-Garantie GmbH carries out inspections and certifications at all stages of the organic value chain. This comprehensive process spans from farmers and processors to distributors, importers, exporters and warehouses/logistics, all committed to our vision of responsible organic production. Our organic products represent a healthy and sustainable pact with our customers. By selecting organic products, you are supporting the protection of the environment, since these are grown without the use of pesticides and synthetic fertilizers. This production method in turn supports the health of the soil, water, and surrounding ecosystems. At PATT FRESH, we take seriously our responsibility to offer products that embody our commitment to sustainability and exceptional quality. By choosing our Kiwa BCS ├ľko-Garantie certified products, you join us in promoting responsible agricultural practices and enjoy food produced with awareness and respect for our environment.